Yellow Umbrella CD "Stoned-Steady"

Yellow Umbrella CD "Stoned-Steady"
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  • YU10024
2003 1    You Never Cared For Me 2    Rudeboy Company... mehr
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1    You Never Cared For Me
2    Rudeboy Company
3    I Will
4    Perestroiska
5    Modern Slavery
6    The Magnificent Seven
7    The River
8    Dracul Ska
9    Granny
10    Boys Don't Cry
11    What A Revelation
12    Black Sun
13    Survive In This World
14    Smoke The Blues Away    
hidden track: lay down
(06-06-2003, Hannover, Indiego Glocksee)
words & music by Jens Strohschnieder 
Track3: words & music by John Lennon/Paul McCartney 
Track 6: music by Elmer Bernstein 
Track 10: words & music by Smith/Dempsey Tolhurst 
recorded in April 2003 at zk studios, rennersdorf 
mixed by Jens Strohschnieder & Thomas "Macky" Marhauer 
engineered by Thomas "Macky" Marhauer 
additional engineering by Leo Schöning 
mastered by Jörg Stocker & Leo Schöning 
produced by Rain Records & Blue Beat In My Soul 
Blue Beat In My Soul is a division of Nasty Vinyl 
distributed by SPV 
Bestellnummer 085-87682 

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